DVD: Hunting Trophies

This 130min DVD was produced with the help of Shot Productions in quality HD filming. This information product entails the complete process of Trophy Care, from Field Preparation, Skinning, Caping and the Preservation of Skins, Skulls and Horns until the trophy is delivered to a taxidermist.

"A Complete Guide" to Field Preparation, Skinning & Preservation. All Hunters, Trophy Hunters, Professional Hunters, Safari Outfitters, Game Ranches, Landowners, Taxidermists and Skinners will benefit from this detailed production.

The aim is to equip the viewer with knowledge and skill, in order to perform these skinning and preservation tasks to ensure a proper trophy.

This production also contains important information for the foreign hunter, with regards to Dip/Pack/Shipping, Relevant Departments, Associations and Clearing Agents, as well as Ports of Entry.




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