Marakalalo handles the full cycle of a taxidermy facility:



  • Design and tailor-made of mammal shoulder and full mounts
  • Artistic displays and custom habitat creations
  • By-products like skin tanning, leather products, curio craft and artificial reproductions


Service Delivery

  • Raw Preparation , Packing & Crating and crating for the overseas taxidermist

Marakalalo treats raw preparation of trophies (Dip/Pack) and taxidermy mounting with the same professionalism. We respect a hunter’s relationship with his taxidermist back home. Therefore we do our utmost to treat and handle the raw trophies with utmost care before export.

  • Dip-Ship Service in 60 days with a “Money-back-Guarantee”
  • Detailed Quotation in advance of dip/pack and/r taxidermy mounting and Export estimate. We quote the full cycle in advance before you come on safari or before you leave after tour safari.

 Make sure you study the price list in this regard.

  • Skinning and Caping service to Outfitters /Professional Hunters and Landowners (Conditions apply)
  • Training of skinners
  • Training of aspirant taxidermists

Make sure you purchase the 2 hours  Marakalalo DVD on Trophy care and skinning